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   Fargo is one of Georgia’s most remote towns. With a population of 380 Fargo is a close knit community with a easy going way of life. It is located on U.S. Hwy 441 in southeastern Georgia 48 miles east of Valdosta, near the Florida line. Fargo is surrounded on the north, west and south by vast tracts of pines.

   The Okefenokee Swamp is to the east. The swamp is the eastern headwaters of the Suwannee River, which flows by Fargo on its way to Florida and ultimately, the Gulf of Mexico. Suwannee comes from the Creek Indian word suwani, meaning echo.

   The Stephen C. Foster State Park is located about 17 miles northeast of Fargo providing boating, camping, fishing, swamp exhibits and nature trails. The Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge was created in 1937 to protect wildlife. You will find alligators, turtles, raccoons, deer, black bear, 223 species of birds & hundreds of other species of animals. It is the oldest & best preserved freshwater system in America. Native Americans called it Okefenoka meaning “Land of the Trembling Earth.” It’s almost 402,000 acres of cypress forest, marsh, lakes & islands. Only 5% of the Okefenokee is solid ground. The rest is a vast bog inside a huge, saucer-shaped depression that was once part of the ocean floor.

Approximately ¼ mile from the motel is the Suwannee River with its moss draped cypress trees and sandy banks, it’s the perfect way for you to enjoy fishing, kayaking or boating.

   A few doors down from the motel is Fargo’s only restaurant, the Suwannee River Café and Suwannee River Outfitters.

   If you are a golfer you don’t want to miss the Fargo Golf Course. This 9 hole course is one of Fargo’s many pleasant surprises and is open to the public 7 days a week.

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